Is Brand Advertising Dying?

July 3, 2018


As we gear up for July 4th festivities we're no doubt going to be bombarded with plenty of cool ads from top brands like BMW, Mountain Dew and others.  But as consumers get bombarded by over 10,000 brand impressions per day (according to the American Marketing Association), we have to ask our ourselves:  Is traditional brand advertising going the way of the dodo?  Is it even still relevant?

A few weeks ago I interviewed Magisto CMO, Reid Genauer to find out why traditional brand spots are dying and how digital video is reshaping how companies tell their stories.

Reid was an early founding member of the, now famous, video editing app Magisto. The app has been phenomenally successful with over 100M users and 40,000 paying business users in less than 5 years.

In our interview we discuss:

- The future of branding and how it's changing
- How companies can use video to create engagement for consumers
- The importance of personalized video to drive context
- How "engagement" is the new "awareness"
- How creating and sharing fast, digestible stories is the new norm

- Why branding needs to encourage consumers to tell their own stories as opposed to telling them a story that's not theirs

and much more! Enjoy the podcast and make sure you subscribe for future episodes and interviews and don't forget to like us on Facebook to catch all our Live Events, interviews and news.


Happy 4th of July to all my US fans!


Mad Mork

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