Introducing madmork stories

June 7, 2017

Over the past 20 years I’ve been super lucky to work with some of the best brands, smartest people and most exciting technologies.  Whether it was launching Pepsi Max in South America, the first Call of Duty mobile game in Europe or helping to create the Google play, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on some truly amazing brand stories.   


So why madmork stories?


Well here are a couple of reasons:


1.  Storytelling is my passion.  If anyone knows the origins of how I got the nickname Mad Mork that’s a story in and of itself.  Ever since I was a teenager creating advanced Dungeons & Dragons stories right up to my last gig as CMO of Course Hero, I’ve always loved creating stories that dazzle, enchant and create wonder for users.  


2.  I enjoy helping others.  It's taken me 20 years to really figure this one out believe it or not but one of the most enjoyable parts of my jobs as CMO was helping founders grow our businesses, helping my team learn, grow and develop and helping people on other teams succeed.  Now I'm simply taking this to the next level and looking to help the next generation of great companies succeed while helping their senior leaders become the best possible leaders they can be both for themselves and for society.  


2.  I dream of seeing great technology made simple.  I really enjoy technology and living in Silicon Valley always marvel at what technology can do for users but the number of times I see great tech with poor stories is just too great to count.  For me there’s nothing worse than going into a cool tech startup and asking 5 different people what their story is and either getting a blank stare or 5 totally different answers (sound familiar?).  You might have the best tech in your industry but if you can’t explain your story in a way that’s moving to customers / end users you may never reach your full potential.  


3.  There's a really big need!  There’s too much noise and the world needs more feel good stories, better marketing and products / services that live up to customer needs. Think about it:  the average person sees 5,000 ads approximately every day.  25% of the TV we still watch (there are more and more cord cutters out there including me) is made up of ads.  With all that noise it’s harder each and every day to get those stories heard.  I want to work with great companies to make sure they have the right stories and that those stories get heard.  


OK, cool.  So what’s madmork stories anyway?


Glad you asked.  With madmork stories I’m aiming to do two things:


1.  Develop and share great tech stories.  Help early stage tech companies (typically series B or later) create and tell powerful stories.  That means not just explaining “what” the heck your company does but “why” you guys are doing it.  It means coming up with an inspiring “vision” for how your technology is changing an industry, society or consumers lives and giving people a reason to really pay attention to what you’re doing.  Once we create a great story together then it’s all about “how” we share that story.  What mediums (video, radio, web, mobile etc.), what creative and all that good stuff


2.  Coach / mentor the next generation of marketing leaders.  Help early stage company CMO’s or Marketing leaders be the best they can be.  I’ve been a CMO for the past 10 years. I get what you’re going through.  The CMO gig is one of the toughest out there (average tenure is now around only 18 months) and CMO’s have never had more responsibility or pressure.  I know what kind of issues you’re going to face and have dealt with many of those issues before.  Whether it’s how you’re going to structure your team;  how you're going to motivate your people; how to convince senior management to dedicate more budget to marketing or how you should be positioning your product I can be your coach or wingman on this journey.


Telling stories is the oldest known medium that men and women have used to pass on information over the ages.  Despite all our technology, never have powerful stories been more important than they are today.  However, having a powerful story means having the right team to target the right audience, using the right channels at the right frequency to ensure you get heard.  It also means having the right man or woman at the helm running marketing:  that's you!


Interested in knowing more?  Let’s start a conversation and see where this story takes us.  You never know what you might find at the end of this tale.


Patrick ‘Mad’ Mork

Chief Storyteller


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