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Companies I've worked with:

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Who I've Helped

It was incredible to have Patrick come in and coach the small business org in marketing. He came up with relatable examples and helped the team understand the importance of leveraging tried and tested marketing frameworks. He went on to help envision a future market state and how to win. It was very valuable as we try to build new product lines and grow. (more testimonials)

Kushagra Shrivastava / Sr. Director / Yahoo! Small Business

Patrick has a tell-you-how-it-is style that is super impactful for both early stage and mature companies. His marketing genius is a superpower you can't afford not to have.

(more testimonials)

Sachit Kamat / CEO & Co-founder / Zently

From his roots as a traditional "real world" marketer Patrick has brought a keen sense of what really matters to consumers, which together with his rich experience in tech makes for a powerful combination. Additionally, Patrick has an impeccable reputation in the industry and is one of the more well-connected people in Silicon Valley.  (more testimonials)

Guy Rosen / Vice-President Product / Facebook

What I do

I help senior executives create powerful, inspiring stories about their products and build their careers

During my 20+ years in marketing, I've marketed soft drinks in South America, mobile games in Europe, as well as app stores and education technology services in America.

On the corporate side, I built the marketing team, launched the brand and helped 4x revenues for Google play to $2.5 billion in under 2 years.

As a startup Chief Marketing Officer, I took little known GetJar from an obscure, 6-man team in Lithuania to a Silicon Valley brand with over $35M in funding featured in TIME, WSJ, NYT, Techcrunch and CNBC.

Today, my passion is helping executives create powerful stories that cut through the noise for their companies.  I also work with senior executives to create powerful stories to develop their own personal brands and further their careers.  

As a veteran tech marketer and storyteller, I'll help you get clarity on these questions:

- Who is my audience and what should my story be?

- What is the best way to communicate my story?

- How do I create a story that is unique and powerful

- What kind of team / organization do I need?

- How do I define and measure success? 


As someone who worked in 6 different countries in 4 different languages and worked in both large corporations and startups, I've "been there, done that."

"The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.  A coach really helps."

Eric Schmidt

Former CEO / Chairman at Google

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